Save the Swedish nightlife

Club Culture is facing the biggest challenge in its history. In March, all of Swedens nightlife was shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The existence of many of the places that give our country its culture identity is now threatened.

As a reaction to the closing of all night clubs and to the rest of the world being in quarantine, Sweden took the global initiative United We Stream to Stockholm June 6th to support and show solidarity by bringing the biggest possible digital club and music festival to your home. Now it is time for Gothenburg to support it’s nightlife. On November 28th culture will be streamed live for 12 hours from four different places around Gothenburg.

This is how you can support Gothenburg nightlife:

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From Berlin to Gothenburg!

Culture streaming live from four different places in Gothenburg! United We Stream, the fenomena from Berlin that have brought millions to nightlife struggling during the corona pandemic, is coming to Gothenburg November 28th.